You Have to be a Dumb Fool to Reelect Obama
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You Have to be a Dumb Fool to Reelect Obama

You own a house that is in disrepair and falling apart. A contractor comes along with a big smile, fancy words and lots of promises. He tells you that if you give him $200,000 - he will repair the house and make it better than ever.

Four years pass and you come back to the house and the only thing that is fixed is the sidewalk leading up to the house. The contractor says- "I stopped it from falling apart. Do you see that side walk that I put in? The house is in better shape than four years ago. The problem I am having is that the house was in much worse shape than I thought - so I need another four years and another $200,000."

What do you do? You would be a dumb fool to keep the contractor and not replace him with someone else. The same way you would be a dumb fool if you reelected Obama. In either scenario - you will get what you deserve for being so foolish and that is a house still in disrepair and just deeper in debt.

Written by Thomas George

September 6, 2012