The Stupidy of Liberals and the Protesters of Ferguson

and why that Mindset will Foster more Crime!

If a black policeman shot a white criminal in their neighborhood they would
thank the cop and they certainly would not riot and burn their own town down!

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"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"


Baldwin Park, Florida

The above is Baldwin Park, Florida. It a white youth robbed a store and attacked a policeman in this white community and then the youth was shot and killed by a black policeman - the white community would not protest - they would thank that cop! I know I would!

What if the white community burned down their own neighborhood in protest to the policeman's actions? They would be fools! However- this happened in Ferguson, Missouri.

The above is the difference between the white and black community and the difference between conservatives and liberals in America. It is the reason the crime rate is low in white neighborhoods and high in black neighborhoods.

But what if the white community of Baldwin Park expanded a lie that the white youth had his hands up and that the policeman should be punished for shooting the criminal? If that happened - I would say that community (white or black) will get what they deserve in the future for not standing up for law and order and they will.... it is law of sowing and reaping!

Written by Thomas George