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May 18, 2016

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"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"

The Battle to help my mother....
Motion for Exploitation of the Ward

Please visit my Go Fund Me campaign....
Go Fund Me - Exploitation of my Mother by a Guardian

Obama on track to double national debt
Will add more than previous 43 presidents combined

Obama Invites Black Lives Matter Leader
to White House Again for Discussion on Race

Some schedule for a president....

Obama Schedule for Wednesday, May 18, 2016
10:30 am - Receives Presidential Daily Briefing
3:50 pm - Participates in a DNC fundraiser


TX Gov: JFK Wanted Men on Moon, Obama Wants Men in Women’s Restroom
"He's trying to cram down as many parts of his liberal agenda on the US as he possibly can"

Obama Says America Is Better Since He Became President
Yet more people unemployed, on welfare, disability...

Murder Rates in Chicago, L.A., Dallas, Vegas Skyrocket
"Holy cow, do we have a problem."

The World is even worse off...

ISIS has executed almost 50 in Libya, Human Rights Watch says

Rights group report details 'scenes of horror' in ISIS-held Libyan city

Only 5% of ISIS territory in Iraq recaptured in past 5 months
Despite pledges from Obama to “accelerate” the war against ISIS

"There were 48 ISIS members in that house, and we were two girls — two Yazidi girls."


Donald Trump Wins OREGON Republican Primary

With Most Votes Ever for Republican Primary Candidate

Quarter of a Million Votes from Her 2008 Primary Win


Interpol: 800,000 Migrants Ready To Head To EU

Al-Qaida: Ahmed the Clock Boy 'inspired us in a way' - Terrorists publish step-by-step photos of how to build numerous bombs

Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in Turkey, northern Iraq, 10 killed: sources

First 50 lashes: Saudi activist wife endures husband's brutal sentence...

No electricity, no antibiotics, no beds, no soap: A devastating look inside Venezuela's crisis-hit hospitals where 7 babies die a day, bleeding patients lie strewn on the floor, and doctors try to operate without tools


Venezuela Leader Threatens 'Disappearance' of Opposition Legislature

Sri Lanka Flooding Death Toll Rises to 27; More Rain to Come


Google's extraordinary access to Obama revealed as White House visitor logs show 427 meetings between company and administration officials

Hillary ekes out razor-thin win in Kentucky But Bernie steals Oregon from Clinton's grasp

Abedin Among Six Set for Quizzing in Clinton E-Mail Case

Journalist's Attorneys Blast FBI for Withholding Clinton Email Info

#CrookedHillary Clinton Says She’s Going To CRACK DOWN ON BUSINESSES (VIDEO)

Bowe Bergdahls’ Former Platoon-Mates Endorse TRUMP – Then Drop a Bomb on Hillary

Poll: A Quarter of a Million Mexicans Think Highly of Trump



South Carolina Passes Bill Banning Abortion after 19 Weeks

22% of Refugees in Minnesota Positive for TB...

Father speaks out after son found decapitated

Chaos at Grand Central: Thousands left stranded at New York's busiest terminal as track fire grinds ALL services to a halt during rush hour

'They didn't raise their son right and tried to capitalize on his death': Remorseless George Zimmerman lashes out at Trayvon Martin's parents in brutal interview

FAMILY MURDER 13-year-old, mom charged in 15-year-old's killing



Stocks sag as U.S. rate rise expectations revive

U.S. airlines forecast busy summer travel, warn of longer lines

Suzuki says it used wrong mileage tests for Japan models; shares slide

Kudlow: Zuckerberg's Conservative Battle - Where There's Smoke, There's Fire


Melania Trump to Ogling Chris Matthews: 'I'm Smart. I Have Brains'

Whoopi on Trump: I Don’t Want a Racist As President

Miley Cyrus Sells T-Shirts to Raise Funds for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Sinead O'Connor threatens to kill herself and accuses her family of 'torturing her and letting her die' one day after being reported missing and feared suicidal


Cavaliers overwhelm Raptors to take Eastern Conference finals opener

76ers win NBA Draft Lottery, Lakers get second pick

Odor handed 8-game suspension; Bautista gets 1

Chris Weidman out of UFC 199, Luke Rockhold awaits replacement opponent

EVERYTHING MUST GO 'Miracle on Ice' goaltender is selling gold medal, flag

The Holy Grail of Sports
The greatest players in sports


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