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December 18, 2014

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More Obama Lies!
Rubio: Administration Lied About Cuba Policy Change

Obama Normalizes Relations With Communist Cuba
Obama is Using a Talking Point of The Castro Regime
Obama blames U.S. for denying Cubans tech access . .
Obama: ‘I Believe in the Free Flow of Information’—
- Blames U.S. for Denying Cubans Access to Communications Technology

Obama’s Bailout for Communist Dictators
Dictator To Dictator: Castro Urges Obama To Bypass Congress
Rep. Diaz-Balart: Obama Gave Cuban Govt 'Everything They Ever Wanted'
Congress had no idea the Obama was negotiating with the Communist dictatorship
Nets Barely Mention Brutality of Castro Regime or Cuba Being Communist

Obama Made Cuba Sound Like 'Great Place'
U.S. Frees Last of the ‘Cuban Five,’ Part of a 1990s Spy Ring
Shockwaves through Miami exile community...
Rubio: Obama 'Worst Negotiator' in Cuban Prisoner Swap
Cuba Prisoner Swap as Fishy as Bergdahl Trade
Bergdahl Findings May Never Be Released to the Public
Protest In Little Havana...
Dem Senator: Obama 'Vindicated The Brutal Behavior Of The Cuban Government'
Socialist Venezuela President Maduro Hails Obama's 'Courageous' Cuba Gesture

Another day of disaster in headlines for America under Obama
And Obama is president 2157 days... that equals a lot of disaster!

Sony Hack Is America's First Cyberwar Defeat

Obama's Bumbling, Stumbling America Loses its First Cyber War
to a Hotel Room Full of Nork Kids

A Chubby North Korean Dictator Brings Free Speech to a Halt

Obama Calls Executive Orders “Presidential Memoranda”
to Avoid Scrutiny and Issues Most in History

Obama Didn't Spread the Wealth, He Concentrated It,
Pew Study Finds

Oldest U.S. black college on verge of financial collapse

Urban Institute: Blacks Losing Health Coverage
Under Obamacare

REVEALED: Transportation for Obama to LA
and Paltrow fundraiser cost taxpayers $1,011,051.30...

Coburn's Farewell: 'Protect the Future of Our Country
by Upholding the Constitution'

Michelle Obama: Asking a stranger for help at the store is racist

Message from the editor:
Obama perpetuates the stereotype that black people are lazy.
As the first black president - you would think he would set an example.
Instead he takes 4 vacations a year and sets records for golfing,
he does not meet with Congress and this is his schedule today.


Obama Schedule for Thursday, December 18, 2014
2:00 pm - Meets with senior advisors

What is racist: Not impeaching Obama because he is black!

Obama DOD: 'We're Not Going to Target Taliban Simply by Virtue
of the Fact That They're Taliban'

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IRS Watchdog Continues to Hide Records on White House Leaks - Of 2509 documents, government agrees to release 31

Obamacare fines loom for uninsured...

REPORT: CIA Adhered to OHSA Standards When Interrogating Terror Suspects...

DEMOCRAT loser Grimes Threatens Legal Action if Rand Paul Seeks 2016 Reelection and Presidential Run

NASA Wastes $349 Million Continuing to Build Tower Years After Project Canceled

Some Compelling Evidence that 'Green Energy' is All About Crony Capitalism


Santorum: ‘Separation of Church and State Not in U.S. Constitution,' Was in Lenin's Soviet Constitution


LIBERALISM DEFINED: Dozens of suspected rapists, murderers and child abusers released by Detroit Police because understaffed prosecutor's office can't keep up with warrants

VT gives up on single-payer system amid ballooning costs...

Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State After Health Report

NY AG: Wal-Mart Must End Online Toy Gun Sales

Missouri bill would require father's permission for a woman to get an abortion

University of Michigan professor: “It’s Okay To Hate Republicans”

North Kansas City School District apologizes for taking away blind child’s cane (Sick & Twisted)

14-year-old reportedly shoots, kills intruder to protect sick grandmother

Salvation Army ringer in kettle-stealing scheme




Money Manager Shilling: We 'Very Well Could Have a Financial Crisis' Like 1998

Any Large Drop In Asset Prices Will Destroy Economy

Treasury Says Survival Kits [ordered for every major bank employe] for ‘Emergency Preparedness’

This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like: Shopping Frenzy: “We Have A Lot Of Rubles Losing Value Every Second”

Russian ruble weakens as traders see no major measures in Putin speech

GM suspends delivery of cars to Russian dealers

Ford shuts doors of Belgium's Genk plant

Media and Entertainment

Hollywood studio pulls the plug on Steve Carell's new movie Pyongyang just hours before Sony scraps release of The Interview

TIME warns reporters: Boost reader 'traffic' or get sacked...

NBC’s Mark Potter Blames Cuba’s Poor Economy on U.S. Embargo

Lefty Blogger Roots For End of ‘Idiotic’ U.S. Embargo Against Cuba

Media Elite Hails Colbert As 'Genius' for Playing Conservative Idiot

LEAK: Jolie branded 'seriously out of her mind'...

Franklin Graham: Movie 'Unbroken' by Angelina Jolie Omits 'Most Important Part' of Louis Zamperini's Life... CHRISTIANITY


Cuban Thaw Seen Creating 'Open Season' on Signings for MLB Teams

Report: Bears bench Jay Cutler; Clausen to start vs. Lions

49ers cut Ray McDonald in wake of sexual assault investigation

Reports: Mavs, Celtics getting serious about potential Rondo trade

Source: Padres add OF Myers from Rays in 3-team trade involving Nats

Reports: Howe walking under his own power, to make public appearance

The Holy Grail of Sports
The greatest players in sports


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