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July 7, 2015

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WH Welcomes ‘Historic’ First-Ever Visit by
Vietnam’s Communist Party Boss

CDC official called Obama ‘Marxist,’ ‘amateur’ over 2014 border surge


'Nobody's Going to Bail America Out'

'Too Many Terrorists, Too Much Debt'

Obama Administration Sends $5.6 Million to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

ANOTHER OBAMA VACATION: Inside Obamas $12 million summer vacation
7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, tennis court, infinity pool and manicurist on call...

New ISIS Videos Show Child Jihadis Massacring Syrian Soldiers
at Palmyra Amphitheater

ISIS sends another child to his violent death:
Suicide bomber, aged just FOURTEEN, kills 50 Kurdish fighters' in Syria

ISIS fighters posing as illegals threaten Europe
Fulfilling plan to use Libya as 'gateway' to West

4 killed as ISIS destroys another Mosul church

Unhindered: Boko Haram Continues Its Onslaught

Boko Haram Kills Scores In Twin Attacks

Greece Warned Get 'Serious' At Euro Talks

Greece faces last chance to stay in euro as cash runs out

Greece news live: Banks remain shut as Greeks told
'reform or it's over'

As Greece collapses, the big loser is socialism



Our Political Leaders Won't Discuss Illegal Alien Crime

Obama DHS dodges 'sanctuary city' question after illegal immigrant kills Calif. woman

@POTUS unscripted: Obama weighing in on pop culture, sports on personal Twitter account

Cronyism Pays – Eric “Too Big to Jail” Holder Triumphantly Returns to His Prior Corporate Law Firm Job

Bernie Sanders Says ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate Is Actually 10.5 Percent, DOUBLE The Official Rate [VIDEO]

Hillary to Give First Campaign Press Interview… to Clinton Insider

Pollster John Zogby: Clinton Campaign Is 'in Trouble'

Trump: I Have Lost a Lot, But I'm Right About Mexico

Ruben Navarrette Jr.: Wealthy Mexicans Privately Agree With Trump



Illegal immigrant deported 5 times charged in fatal Calif. pier shooting

Two Previously Deported Illegal Immigrants Allegedly Murder Two Women in Two States — In 24 Hours

Illegal immigrant who caused Ariz. crash was deported six times in last three years

Black youths mock bloodied white victim

South Carolina State Senate Votes to Remove the Confederate Flag

Police search for missing child of man who jumped off bridge




China stocks fall again despite support measures

‘Flash Boys’ Programmer in Goldman Case Prevails Second Time

Arrested ex-Toyota exec Hamp to be released from custody: Kyodo




Bill Cosby said in 2005 lawsuit he gave Quaaludes to women for sex

ESPN Moves ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic From Trump National

Caitlyn Jenner to Write Weekly Editorials on LGBT Issues

Rihanna Video Celebrates Kidnap, Torture, Murder

UPDATE: Legendary Hollywood Producer Jerry Weintraub Dead...

‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ Actress Amanda Peterson Dead at 43





Bryant in for Stanton; A-Rod left off ASG roster

Sources: Mo Williams back with Cavs on 2-year deal

Report: Cavs considering trading for Joe Johnson

FSU releases QB De'Andre Johnson in wake of bar incident

Berdych loses at Wimbledon, reporter thinks he won, awkwardness ensues

Mayweather stripped of belt won from Pacquiao

Worst Footie Team Ever? Micronesia Lose 46-0

The Holy Grail of Sports
The greatest players in sports


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