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May 22, 2017

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North Korea insists latest missile launch proves it can hit US bases, Japan

Twenty Afghan police killed in Taliban attacks

Netanyahu: Temple Mount, Western Wall ‘Will Always Be Under Israeli Sovereignty’

The no-go zone for women... in PARIS: Locals say they are afraid to leave their home after gangs of 'migrant men' threaten them for wearing 'immodest' clothing

Cash-strapped World Health Organization spends big on travel...

Venezuela Toll Rises to 48 Dead After Protester Is Killed

Bus crash in Mexico kills 17 and injures 31

3 foreign climbers dead, 1 missing near top of Mount Everest

Mt. Everest summit climbs more dangerous as 'Hillary's Step' collapses...

VIDEO: Sea Lion Pulls Girl from Pier, Drags Her Underwater




Trump Faces Key Decision on Obamacare Payments Monday

Defense Sec James Mattis: Trump’s Orders Will ‘Annihilate’ Islamic State

Priebus to make early return to Washington, job status in question

Melania Trump is not happy with Sean Spicer: report

WATCH: Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Gets Called Out by Cherokee Indians About Her Heritage: ‘Prove It’






California Democrat Plots Trump’s Overthrow at Berkeley Town Hall

Cuomo: Penn Station's Disrepair at 'Tipping Point'; Begs Trump for Help

Texas Revives 'Bathroom Bill,' but Only for Public Schools

COPS: Lady maces WENDY'S employees over stale fries...

Man Accused of Posing as Uber Driver to Sexually Assault a 15-Year-Old Girl




Survey Finds Target’s Customer Satisfaction Plunging

Ford chief executive 'axed in reshuffle'

Survey Finds Target’s Customer Satisfaction Plunging

Nathan’s and Curtis hot dogs recalled due to metal found inside packages

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus drop curtain on 'Greatest Show on Earth'


Liberal Media Bias & Entertainment

MSM Continues Fake News About 'Clock Boy' as Inventor

Ex-CNN Chief: By Creating FNC, Ailes Tarred All Journalists as Biased

David Brooks Calls Trump a Crappy 'Criminal' on Taxpayer-Funded NPR

Robert De Niro: Trump a ‘Pig’ Worse Than Madoff

In New TNT Show, Charles Barkley Glorifies Black Militia Member Who Praised Dallas Cop Killer

Jury selection begins in Bill Cosby's assault trial



Celtics shock Cavaliers with last-second 3-pointer to steal Game 3

Zaza: Popovich's remarks 'big part' in threats

Penguins shred Senators 7-0 in Game 5 laugher

Horrific crash leaves Bourdais with multiple fractures

Dodgers great Lasorda hospitalized, team says

Megatron didn't like Lions' treatment at end




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