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August 27, 2016

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KIM JONG-UN THROWS DANCE PARTY AFTER MISSILE LAUNCH Celebrations follow threat to turn Seoul, Washington into 'heap of ashes'

Swedish cops overwhelmed by attacks from Afghanis - 'It used to be a super peaceful country where nothing of this sort used to happen'

HUNGARY TO BUILD 2ND ANTI-MIGRANT 'MASSIVE' WALL - Barrier to defend against possible surge from Turkey

Norway to build border fence to keep out refugees

Syrian group says Turkey targets village in air strikes

Islamists Decapitate University Student, Use His Body as IED

Fire kills 17 Kyrgyz nationals in Moscow printing plant





Defense official: Iran confrontations with US Navy up 50 percent this year

THE EPIPEN SCANDAL IS WORSE THAN YOU THINK: WHAT YOU’RE NOT BEING TOLD The current environment favors this influence game played by both government officials and corporate drones

Obamacare Costs Skyrocket, But Few Cries for Repeal in Senate Races

Iowa GOP Chairman: Hillary Is ‘Lashing Out’ Because Trump Can Win Minorities

VIDEO: YOUNG PEOPLE SEE DOUBLE STANDARD IN CLINTON FOUNDATION COVERAGE What would media report if Trump had a foundation with such a shady background?

Trump launches America First app, a competitive social network


[California] Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill banning state funds for coal projects

Tennessee police officer shot and killed while responding to domestic disturbance

TB Spiked 500 Percent In Twin Falls During 2012, As Chobani Yogurt Opened Plant

Trump compared to Harry Potter villain in UPenn Prof's study

Woman kidnapped, held for 18 years cannot sue U.S. over parole failures: court

Texas man 'beheaded his wife before placing her head in the freezer, while the couple's two children played nearby'

Male suspect in 1983 murders may be living in L.A. as a woman: police




Target Cries 'Uncle,' Begs Shoppers to Come Back

Yellen: Case for Rate Hike 'Has Strengthened'

KFC Sunscreen Makes You Smell Like Fried Chicken






Entertainment & Media

Unhinged NYT Crank EXPLODES on Black Conservative: ‘This Guy Should Not Be Allowed’ On TV (VIDEO)

PBS NewsHour Cuts Anti-Hillary Portions of Jill Stein Interview

New York Times Is Looking for a Global Warming Editor

Roseanne Barr: Clinton Presidency Spells 'Death of Israel'


Dwyane Wade's cousin, a mother of four, shot dead in Chicago pushing stroller

Rangers pitcher gets arrested for drunk driving, urinates on himself

Jameis Winston and Mike Evans absolutely crush the Browns

Kam Chancellor says a full game vs. Ezekiel Elliott 'would have been a bloodbath'

$18K fine for Lions DT more than preseason pay

Dana White details what it's like doing business with WWE's Vince McMahon




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