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January 20, 2017

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TRUMP SUPPORTERS BEATEN-BLOODIED Outside #DeploraBall – Pummeled With Eggs, Batteries! (VIDEO)

Crazy Michael Moore Goes Off Deep End: ‘We’re All Muslim, All Gay, All Trans, All Queer’ (Video)

Alec Baldwin brings his Trump impression to huge New York protest with a tasteless 'dirty dossier' joke
about Donald urinating at the Russian consulate

Lena Dunham Creates Cartoon Celebrating Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

Jane Fonda to Headline Planned Parenthood “Love-A-Thon” To Protest Trump Inauguration report

Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Scarlett Johansson Push Planned Parenthood’s Pro-Abortion “Women’s March”

The Next Generation: Kid Says He Lit Fire At Protest, Says ‘Screw Our President’ On Live TV (Video)



Air strike kills dozens at jihadist camp, Syrian Observatory says

NETANYAHU'S SHAMELESS OPPONENTS - A media war is being waged on the Israeli prime minister

IS blows up part of Palmyra's Roman amphitheatre

Four dead, more than 20 hurt when driver ploughs into Australian pedestrians

At least 8 survivors, including two children, rescued from Italian hotel buried by avalanche

Deep in the jungle, Brazil struggles to battle drug trade


Doctors set to remove George Bush's breathing tube as his health improves in battle against pneumonia while wife Barbara feels '1,000 percent better'

Hypocrite DEMOCRAT Al Franken Criticizes Tom Price For Owning Tobacco Stocks That He Also Owns (Video)

TRUMP THANKS 'THE GREAT' PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY - Prez-elect says 'other side is going crazy' during impromptu inauguration-eve speech

“RACIST” TRUMP SUPPORTERS RAISE $650,000 TO HAVE BLACK MARCHING BAND PLAY AT INAUGURATION - Rapper Snoop Dogg promised to "roast" any "jigaboo ass n***ers" who performed in DC

Bill Clinton's rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick and 'sexual harrassment victim' Paula Jones have a blast at Trump's pre-inauguration dinner


MAJOR U.S. UNIVERSITY CREATES 'SAFE SPACE' FOR MUSLIMS IN BURQAS - '1 step toward full imposition of Shariah and separation of sexes'

Mexican Drug Kingpin 'El Chapo' to Appear in US Courtroom

Man with 13 drunk driving convictions arrested for 14th...

Suspect in $1.6 million New York gold theft captured in Ecuador: police



GE profit up 36 percent, sales slow; affirms 2017 forecast

Tesla's autopilot cars 'are 40 per cent less likely to crash' but inquiry told former Navy SEAL who died in crash had SEVEN seconds to avoid hitting turning truck

South Korea prosecutors summon another Samsung executive

Lord Zuckerberg Sues Native Hawaiians to Force Sale of Ancestral Land for His $100 Million Estate




Entertainment & Media

CNN Incites Violence Against Trump, Denies U.S. Constitution

Weather Channel Founder: Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Another ‘Scientific Monstrosity’

Paul McCartney Suing Sony to Get Back His Beatles Music

WWE legend Shawn Michaels on how faith saved him from a 'very reckless lifestyle'

'NCIS: Los Angeles' Star Miguel Ferrer Dies at 61



NBA reveals 2017 All-Star Game starters

Westbrook odd man out among West starters

Floyd Mayweather takes a shot at Conor McGregor's net worth

Ex-NY Jets Star Mark Gastineau: I Have Dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Killer NFL star Aaron Hernandez shows off his tattoos in court after judge ruled that a jury CAN see inking 'that links him to double murder of two men who spilled his drink'



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