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October 20, 2017

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He's 'trying to bring government back in line with the Constitution'

The Failed, Intolerant, Criminal, Evil, Lying, Violent, Corrupt, Hypocritical, Anti-American,
Delusional, Radical, Free Speech Hating, Racist, Twisted and Ignorant Democrat Party





LAPD Investigating Rape Claim Against Harvey Weinstein

Tarantino Admits He Knew of Weinstein Misconduct Complaints





Commentary from the Editor
Thomas George

(Commentary Archive)

Predictions from the Editor


CIA Head: NKorea Months from Perfecting Nuclear Capabilities

North Korea threatens to go nuclear over US military exercises

Raqqa to be part of decentralized Syria, say Kurdish-led militia

Imam and Brother Arrested for Drugging, Strangling Pakistani Internet Star in Honor Killing

Spain plans to force Catalonia into January elections: opposition








Trump slams media for touting Wilson's 'total lie' about phone call to Army widow

Senate passes $4 trillion budget in crucial step for Trump’s tax overhaul

Poll: Roy Moore Up 11 Points in Alabama Senate Race

Bill O'Reilly: Democrat 'Set Up' Trump Over Call to Gold Star Widow

Laura Ingraham Calls Bush Speech a ‘Slap in the Face’ to Populist Movement

Obama Tells Democrats to Reject Politics of 'Division, Fear' in Veiled Slap at Trump

Bernie Sanders can’t define difference between Democrats and Socialists



Challenge to California's prostitution ban may proceed, judges rule

ICE Confirms Arsonist Behind California Fires Is 5-Time Deported Illegal Alien

White Supremacist Shouted Down at Florida College Speech

Man-turned-woman convicted of restroom sex assault on 10-year-old girl

Uncle drowned 6-year-old nephew in bathtub, authorities say

Cop killer executed in Alabama despite lawsuit over lethal injection



Democrats fail to block Arctic reserve oil drilling

General Electric 3Q earnings miss expectations

P&G's profit rises on higher sales of home care products

Short on staff: Nursing crisis strains U.S. hospitals

Kobe Steel crisis deepens as plant inspected for breach of industrial law


Liberal Media Bias & Entertainment

Pigs Fly: Nets Suddenly Respect President Bush After He Skewers Trump

Tasteless CNN Debases Itself by Blasting Kelly for Emotional WH Speech

Lefties: ‘Nitwit’ Kelly Was ‘Odious’ ‘Coward’ Making ‘Bizarre' Remarks

Newsweek Callously Speculates Over Melania Dumping President Trump



Dodgers return to World Series after blowing out Cubs in Game 5

Kneeler Lynch comes off sideline, ejected for making contact with an official

Despite hype, reality proves harsh for Lonzo Ball, Lakers in opener

Sources: Conor McGregor planning on UFC return, not Paulie Malignaggi fight

No NFL scores - not watching....




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