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January 17, 2018

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Trump: Freedom Doesn't Come From Govt, It's a 'Sacred Right From Almighty God'

REPORT: Homeland Security Is Preparing To ARREST Leaders of Sanctuary Cities

Trump Administration Planning its “BIGGEST” Ever Round Up of Illegal Aliens

ICE to target 1,500 illegal immigrants in San Francisco-area sweep: report

CEO of Spellex Pays Employees $1,000 Tax Cut Bonuses – Thanks President Trump on Each Check

U.S. Manufacturing Output Rose in December for Fourth Month

President Trump: Apple’s iPhone will be assembled in Wisconsin

'It is time for this absurdity to end'

The Failed, Criminal, Evil, Lying, Violent, Corrupt, Hypocritical, Anti-American,
Anti-God, Delusional, Free Speech Hating, Racist, Twisted and Ignorant Democrat Party

‘Chilling’ report finds 73 percent of U.S. terrorist convicts are foreign-born

Democrats Are Threatening To Shut Down Government Over Helping Illegals Aliens


Baltimore’s Star-Spangled Banner Children’s Statue Defaced with ‘Racist Anthem’ Graffiti

White Supremacist, KKK Member Running for Office as Democrat

Climojies: Snowflakes Demanding New ‘Climate Change Emojis’
to Text about Global Warming


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Commentary from the Editor
Thomas George

(Commentary Archive)

Predictions from the Editor


Iran tortures and kills protesters; West mostly silent as 8,000 citizens arrested

Report: Iranian Soccer Stadium Chants ‘Death to the Dictator’

Nations to consider more North Korea sanctions, U.S. warns on military option

South Korean hockey players angry over plan for joint Olympic team with North

Bodies recovered after 'ghost ship' washes ashore in Japan - Eight corpses and a badge depicting former leaders of North Korea were found among the wreckage

Germany Took Nearly 200,000 Asylum Seekers in 2017

Mass Migration Now Sole Cause of Population Growth in Germany

RAHEEM KASSAM: SADIQ KHAN’S SH*THOLE LONDON - The truth about Islamic ghettos

Pray to Allah, Soap Opera Tells German Kids - Germans should convert to Islam, state-funded TV suggests

Myanmar police shoot dead seven protesters in troubled Rakhine

China builds the 'world's largest air purifier' standing 328 feet in a bid to tackle smog


Ex-CIA officer suspected of helping China ID, execute US informants: report

Two of Top Ten Obama Holdover Bureaucrats Breitbart Said Trump Could Fire or Remove Are Stepping Down

Trump administration to appeal 'Dreamer' immigrant ruling

Lewandowski: There was no Trump-Russia collusion, but Clinton campaign was a 'different story'

Navy files homicide charges against commanders of 2 ships in deadly crashes

Ohio Woman to Nancy Pelosi on Trump Tax Cut Bonuses: “This Deplorable Appreciates those Bread Crumbs”

Now that President Trump has a Clean Bill of Health, Let’s Take a Look at the Democrats

2016 Flashback: Obama to World: Be More Like the Nordics; ‘If Only Everyone Could Be Like the Scandinavians



Notre Dame professor: Higher education is 'drowning in BS'

Ohio State course reprimands white heterosexual masculinity...

Dozens of volunteers arrested for feeding the homeless in Southern California - “If I’m going to be arrested for something, let it be for feeding the homeless.”

#MeToo effect: Calls flood U.S. sexual assault hotlines

South Wakes Up to Snow, Ice and Frigid Temperatures

Meteor Lights up Nighttime Sky in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana

Deputies Arrest Man Suspected of Starting 11 Fires in San Bernardino County

LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Charged with Selling Drugs, Offering Other Officers to Help

Police still baffled by discovery of 13 starved, abused siblings

Nine charged over fraternity pledge's death at Florida State University



Dow cracks 26,000 as earnings take center stage

Conservatives demand Twitter answers after Project Veritas videos point to political bias

$260 billion ‘cryptocalypse’ as cryptos plunge 30 per cent amid fresh China, South Korea fears

80 PERCENT OF TOTAL BITCOIN SUPPLY HAVE NOW BEEN MINED - Last bitcoin reportedly won’t be mined until the year 2140

J&J attracts Chinese interest for diabetes business in potential $3-4 billion deal - sources



Liberal Media Lies and Bias

Nets Blackout Uranium Indictment While Spending 42 Minutes on S-Hole

But He’s Crazy! Liberal Media Embarrass Themselves, Demand Doctor Insist Trump’s Mentally Ill

Stunningly Rude and Disrespectful Conduct by CNN’s Jim Acosta…

CNN’s Don Lemon Loses It After MLK’s Nephew Says Trump is a “Genius” (VIDEO)

Reporters hunt for evidence of Trump health problems in bizarre press briefing

White House Press Corps Treated Results Of Trump's Medical Exam Like Results Of The Election

Amanpour, Flake Bat Around Trump-Stalin Comparison, Defend Lefty Media

Unhinged MSNBC ‘Investigative Journalist’ Calls on Trump to Step on Scale in Public to Prove His Weight

MEET THE REAL WALTER CRONKITE - 'I'm glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan,' newsman proclaimed promoting global government

Alyssa Milano Blasts Trump Supporters as ‘More Unamerican’ Than DREAMers


Police: Washington St. QB Tyler Hilinski dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound

Carolina Panthers Employee Murders Her Children, Commits Suicide in Shocking Bridge Jump

ESPNW: LeBron James Calls President Trump a Stupid Racist

The NBA's investigating the Rockets-Clippers postgame locker-room fiasco

Hall of Famer and Celtics legend Jo Jo White dies at age 71

Christian Yelich's relationship with the Miami Marlins is 'irretrievably broken'

Harrison wants out of Pittsburgh after Pirates' recent trades



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