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August 19, 2017

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Not Lazy like Obama working for America - Trump works Saturday

Trump reviews military options for Afghanistan at Camp David


Violent Alt-Left - a Danger to America!

Rush Limbaugh: ‘We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War’

Carlson Warns: 'After Sending All the Statues to the Landfill,
It Will Be Time to Rip Up Our Founding Documents'

The Failed, Criminal, Evil, Lying, Violent, Corrupt, Hypocritical, Anti-American,
Delusional, Racist, Twisted and Ignorant Democrat Party

Police Officers under attack and it is not by conservatives

Florida police shooting: One officer killed another wounded

The Violent Left - This was not a Trump Supporter

Everett Glenn Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
On Facebook, Miller went by the name Malik Mohammad Ali


6 police officers shot in 3 US cities, two confirmed dead

Thousands of Leftists Expected to Torpedo Boston Free Speech Rally

Antifa Protester Says Violence Against The Far-Right Is Totally Fine

2 Wasserman Schultz IT aides indicted for conspiracy against U.S.

Obamacare Continues to Collapse by Design, Not
Because of President Trump

Clinton Paid Aide Huma Abedin Nearly $65K from Campaign Funds Since Defeat

Which statues Pelosi wants out of Capitol - 'No room for violent bigotry,' she decides after 30 years in Washington Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on ‘hate map’




Commentary from the Editor
Thomas George

(Commentary Archive)

Predictions from the Editor


Nervous Japanese hold drill in case North Korea fires missiles over them

Sierra Leone mudslides kill 461

Israeli forces shoot dead a Palestinian wielding knife

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brutal Stabbing Spree In Russia

“Get lost, Merkel!” – German Chancellor Booed And Heckled On Campaign Trail

German critic of Turkey's Erdogan arrested in Spain

Venezuela's ousted chief prosecutor flees to Colombia

Train derails in northern India, killing at least 23

15 TEENS CONTRACT RABIES AFTER RAPING DONKEY IN MOROCCO - Treated at local hospital – owner ordered to slaughter animal


Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 'Feels good' to have Trump backing me up

ICE Has Arrested More Than 400 In Operation Targeting Parents Who Pay Smugglers

US Launches Formal Trade Investigation Into China

Trump and the first lady have decided to skip the Kennedy Center arts awards

Charles Barkley: Most black people haven't thought a day in their lives about Confederate statues

NAACP Leader on ‘Senseless’ Confederate Monument Takedowns: ‘You Can’t Eliminate What History Is’

NASA: 3-Mile-Wide Asteroid Set to Pass by Earth Sept. 1

Solar eclipse presents first major test of power grid in renewable era

Powerball jackpot grows to $535 million, fifth largest ever


Philly: Statue Spray-Painted With ‘Black Power’

Charlottesville Mayor Calls for Swift Removal of Lee Statue

Duke University Removes Statue of Confederate General

Report: Alien Who Allegedly Killed Woman Free in Mexico

Prestigious Polling Firm: Let's Call 'Liberal Arts' Something Else To Totally Fool Everybody

Florida fishermen post gruesome videos and images on social media as authorities struggle to stop them

Relative, 25, 'stabbed his sister, six, and two young cousins, aged nine and six, to death while he was babysitting' in horrific triple murder at Maryland home



Citi Forecasts $40-60 Crude for Next 5 Years

NAFTA negotiators hone in on origin rules, dispute settlement

India's Infosys approves up to $2 billion buyback of shares

WALMART Applies for Patent for Blimp-Style Floating Warehouse...



Liberal Media Bias & Entertainment

The Boston Globe's New Attack on Catholic Priests

MSNBC’s Butler: Trump’s Racist Behavior Is Following Reagan's Lead

FLASHBACK: CNN And MSNBC Didn't Love Romney So Much When He Was Running For President

Marcus Lemonis: If you’re OK with what Trump said, don’t shop at my business (Camping World CEO)



Nats' Scherzer on 10-day DL with neck issue

Dodgers acquire OF Granderson from Mets

Rene Rivera is the latest Mets goner

Seahawks confirm George Fant needs ACL surgery

Kyrie Irving thought LeBron wanted him traded

Vegas split on Ball, Simmons as ROY favorite



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