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April 25, 2015

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Mitt Romney says Clinton was ‘bribed’ as secretary of state

Rep. Gohmert: Book Contents Show Why Hillary Erased Her Emails

Fox News Reports on the Tangled Web of Clinton Cash

Report Shows Obama 'Free Fall' in Arrests, Deportations

DHS working overtime to add 'new Americans' by election
Letters to all 9,000,000 green-card holders urge them to naturalize now


Memo: 353,000 Refugees on Food Stamps,
55,000 Receiving Supplemental Security Income

Brother: 'Dishonest' Obama abandoned family
'He says one thing and he does another'

Biden: ‘No President Has Ever Done More
to Support Israel’s Security than Obama’

More fighting, air strikes in Yemen, civilian death toll exceeds 550

New Violence Spurs US Fear of ISIS Spreading Like a Virus

Islamic State militants ambush Iraqi convoy killing general,
3 soldiers

ISIS terrorists pose as gay men, lure victims on dates,
then kill them: social media


Devastating Nepal earthquake kills hundreds,
triggers deadly Everest avalanche

Nepal quake toll reaches 688: government



CNN: Family of US Hostage Slain in Drone Strike Had Paid Ransom

Ron Paul: Obama ‘literally assassinated’ Americans in airstrikes

Following Obama’s Lead, Frat Boys Disrespect Disabled Vets

Students rip school lunches: #ThanksMichelleObama ‘for screwing us out of a good meal’

Analysis: Obamacare Fine Still Cheaper Than Coverage

DEMOCRAT Steny Hoyer: Same-Sex Couples Are Endowed ‘By God’ With Right to Marry

Hillary: Change 'religious beliefs' of nation - Urges overhaul to protect abortion rights, slams Hobby Lobby

Psychiatrist: Reagan Gunman Hinckley Wants to Start a Band


Massive fine levied against Oregon bakery owners - Refusal to make cake for lesbian wedding will cost them $135,000

Former Lesbian: Ministries That Help People Leave Homosexuality Could Soon Become Illegal

Washington governor signs medical marijuana overhaul

Hawaii Poised to Become First U.S. State to Raise Smoking Age to 21

New Mo. mayor suspended over alleged voter fraud

San Francisco to circuses using ‘wild or exotic’ animals: pack up and leave town

Woman, 25, gave birth in office bathroom, 'suffocated baby in a plastic bag' and hid it in her desk drawer

University of Fla. suspends frat over abuse of wounded vets

Three former Florida A&M band members found guilty of manslaughter in hazing death of drum major




Weak U.S. business spending data hints at sluggish growth rebound

Bundesbank chief concerned about emergency funding for Greek banks

McDonald’s to Close 700 Stores

FORD lays off 700 workers making small, hybrid, and electric vehicles...

Starbucks payment system outage in U.S., Canada resolved


Olympic Hero Bruce Jenner Comes Out as Transgender: 'I Am A Woman'

NYC bouncer: I was forced to buy coke for celebs NYC bouncer: I was forced to buy coke for celebs



Boomer: 'Not Another Dime' for Alma Mater for Canceling 'Sniper' Film

Harden scores 42 to lead Rockets to win, 3-0 lead on Mavericks

NBA Begins First Training Academy in Cuba

Source: Angels close to trading Josh Hamilton to Rangers

Marlins' Jose Fernandez officially sworn in as a U.S. citizen

Rangers advance as Hagelin's OT goal in Game 5 finishes off Penguins

The Holy Grail of Sports
The greatest players in sports


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