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September 17, 2014

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NY Man Charged With Plotting to Kill Vets, Help ISIS


Obama Blames Bush for ISIS!

Bush 2006: World War III Coming If 'Caliphate Capitol'
Established In Iraq

New ISIS Video Warns of 'Flames of War' for US in Iraq

Obama DHS Official Claims Border “More Secure Than Ever”

Texas Sheriff: ISIS May Be Entering US From Mexico

ISIS Forum Urges 'Lone Wolf' Attacks in US

DEMOCRAT Maxine Waters Says Shariah Law Is Compatible
With US Constitution (Video)

Gun-Toting Gaza Imam: ‘These Weapons Only Means to Establish Islamic State'


Hypocrite Obama Decides to Send Troops Against Ebola, Not ISIS

Sotloff Family Friend: Administration 'Bullied' Steven's Parents

Forget the IRS targeting Republicans and all of Obama scandals...

FBI probes traffic stop that left Missouri teen in critical condition


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Transcript of Obama's speech on Islamic State strategy in Mideast

KERRY DOUBLES DOWN ON OBAMA'S 'ISIS NOT ISLAM' REMARK Wants international coalition to preach what 'real Islam' is

Benghazi Select Committee Holding 1st Open Hearing

GAO: Obamacare Funding Abortion on Demand at Taxpayer Expense

'Damning': Obama abortion funding promise 'wasn't true' 'Administration has had years to deal with this problem. They've refused'

Report: Green Lobbyists Kept ‘Revolving Door’ Spinning at EPA

Average American Woman's Waistline Grows to 39 Inches: CDC

MO, AL schools drop Michelle O's lunch program...

Food waste up 80%...




TX Manhunt for 14-Yr-Old Illegal Alien Cartel Hitman...

Seven Illegals Previously Deported for Sex Crimes Arrested in AZ...

Pennsylvania Treasury Creates $1.5 Billion Credit Line to Sustain State Operations

California's ironic ousting of campus Christian groups Exclusive: Jerry Newcombe on how 'tolerance' works at universities

Satanists handing out religious literature at schools 'The responsible thing to do is to ensure students are given a variety of opinions'

Ferguson Protesters Vow More Violence, Threaten to Shut Down Rams, Cardinals Games

At Lehigh University, Trayvon Martin's mother talks about race issues in America

Survivalist sought in Pennsylvania state trooper ambush member of military simulation unit, cops say





Fed Renews Zero Interest Rate Pledge, Restates Jobs Concerns

US tobacco growers brace for tougher competition

Airbus to sell off business units in defense and space review

Media and Entertainment

PRO-HILLARY GROUPS GEAR UP FOR BENGHAZI DEFENSE Media Matters among organizations riding to her rescue

Nuns Slam Media Silence on Middle East Christian Persecution

Ex-POW Jessica Lynch Starring in Christian Film

Barbra Streisand: 'We Have Advanced With Obama'

Pictures emerge of Django Unchained actress straddling and grinding her boyfriend in his car after she claimed LAPD harassed her just for kissing him


Vikings Bar Adrian Peterson from All Team Activities

NFLPA appeals Rice's indefinite suspension

Warner, Seau among 1st-year HOF nominees

Winston suspended for one half

Ex-Raven donates kidney to bro, ex-Steeler

The Holy Grail of Sports
The greatest players in sports


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