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October 22, 2014

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OTTAWA UNDER SIEGE: Gunman dead in Parliament shooting;
shots reported at 3 sites around the city


PAPER: Obama plans to open immigration floodgates...

Will 'transform America into nation no one will recognize'...

Dem Strategist Admits: Obama Already Has ‘Removed the Threat of Deportation'
for Most Illegal Aliens

Obama a failure at everything from green energy companies,
Obamacare, the economy, "Hope and Change" and now ISIS...

NYT: Nation Steadily Losing Confidence in Obama

Warns U.S. wants agreement 'at any price'

ISIS Claims Video Shows Intercepted US Arms Drops

Thanks Uncle Sam, we have your weapons airdrop:
ISIS taunts America over intercepted weapons meant for Kurds

Iraqi Forces Clash with Islamic State Fighters West of Baghdad

Airstrikes 'have failed to reduce imminent threat' to US
of little known al-Qaeda off-shoot

Consumed by Islamic State, Iraq's Anbar province a key
battleground again

On the streets of Kobane: New ISIS video shows heavily-armed jihadis
on patrol as American warplanes circle overhead

Priests Race to Preserve Ancient Manuscripts From Destruction By ISIS

ISIS releases sickening video clip showing Syrian woman being stoned to death by group of men
- including her own father


Obama not failing at playing golf, taking vacations and womanizing...

Despite being warned off, Obama moves in for a smooch

And Obama not failing at working short days...

Infectious Disease Expert: Ebola Virus Test Has Fatal Flaw

Obama Appointee Who Sold WH A Financially Doomed Solar Panels Firm
"Looks...OK To Me" IS U.S. Ebola Czar

Highly-Rated D.C.-Area Hospital: We Were Not Yet Prepared
to Take Suspected Ebola Patient

Obama Chose 'Spin Doctor' as Ebola Czar


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Al-Qaida to Its Readers: Target Western Oil Tankers

Sweden promises to use force over "Russian sub" as Baltic hide and seek goes on

Pakistani court upholds death sentence for Christian woman accused of insulting Islam

Denmark Aims to Rehabilitate, Not Punish, Returning Jihadists

CHRISTIAN SCHOOL TOLD TO HAVE MUSLIM IMAM LEAD ASSEMBLIES Regulators say refusal could result in closure of institution

Forty-nine new Ebola cases in a day leaves bodies piling up in Sierra Leone, as the deadly virus threatens the teeming capital of Freetown

WHO: Ebola responsible for 4,877 deaths

Japan team heading to North Korea to pressure it on abductees, PM says

Hong Kong protesters march after fruitless talks with government

Special Report: Traffickers use abductions, prison ships to feed Asian slave trade

Justice has NOT been done - only Oscar knows the truth': Reeva Steenkamp's parents hit out as athlete faces just 10 months in jail for killing their daughter


Study: Wealth Disparity Greater Than Anytime Since 1929

Tom Coburn highlights ridiculous government spending in final Wastebook

U.S. to funnel travelers from Ebola-hit region through five airports

Bill Clinton stumps for Landrieu as Obama Remains MIA

AP Poll: Women Turning to GOP as Obama, Democrats Plunge

Obamacare Dumping Patients Into Medicaid

DEMOCRAT Kay Hagan a No-Show for Final Senate Debate With Thom Tillis

DEMOCRAT Grimes Campaigns For Higher Wages -- But Her Family's Restaurant Pays Minimum Wage


Democrats Send Ferguson-Themed Pamphlets to Black Georgia Voters

Study Shows Liberals More Likely Than Conservatives to "Unfriend" Someone Over Politics

Jackie Kennedy believed Lyndon Johnson killed JFK



FBI: Denver Teenage Girls May Have Tried to Join ISIS

850 NYC voters over 164-years-old...

CO VOTE FRAUD: 'If someone throws out ballot, if you want to fill it out you should do it'...

'Calibration error' changes GOP votes to Dem in Ill.

What could go wrong? Volunteers go door-to-door ‘ballot harvesting’ in Colorado

Liberals attack First Amendment in Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas and Idaho

Charlie Crist: Higher Minimum Wage 'Worth' Risk of Fewer Jobs

DEMOCRAT Andrew Cuomo Sells 945 Copies of Book; Paid Over $700,000 Advance

Autopsy reportedly finds Brown shot at close range, not running from cops

Source: Darren Wilson says Michael Brown kept charging at him

Blow by blow, Ferguson cop's FULL version of why he shot Michael Brown...

Indiana police search vacant houses after arrest of suspected killer



$4.10 Per Pound: Ground Beef Price Climbs to Another Record High

Italian Police Break $2.2B Corporate Tax Fraud Ring

Faulty airbags warning expanded to 6.1. million U.S. cars: NHTSA

Yahoo earnings: Nice, but not enough, says Street

Lufthansa close to deal with IBM for IT infrastructure unit

Toys 'R' Us quietly pulls Breaking Bad dolls

Famed Texas oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt dead at 88

Media and Entertainment

With Just Two Weeks Before Election, ABC, NBC Fail to Mention Midterms

WashPost First Ignores, Then Spins Walkout of Obama/Brown Rally

NewsBusted: Record-low Ratings for MSDNC

Jesus-Trashing NPR Discusses the 'Natural Genius' of Muhammad

TV News Blacks Out This Year’s Bad Election News for Democrats


Former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee dies at 93

Renee Zellweger: my face looks different because I'm at peace

Goodfellas Actor Sues Simpsons For $250m

Django Unchained actress and boyfriend are charged with lewd conduct 'for having sex in car' one month after claiming LAPD arrested her because she's black

Hercules Actor: ‘Ferguson Rioters I Called Animals and Losers – And They Are’



Giants rock Royals in Series opener 7-1

Sources: Rice files grievance against Ravens Video

Report: Pats lose DE Jones 1 month for hip

Cowboys waive Sam from practice squad

Sources: Vucevic, Magic agree to extension

Meyer, OSU steal top recruit from Muschamp, Florida

Velasquez hurt, out of UFC 180; Hunt faces Werdum for interim title

Leafs-Senators game postponed after shootings

The Holy Grail of Sports
The greatest players in sports


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